Some products are made to order (Cranked ridges, corners etc)

Please go here for these items

We are now able to sell essential items for customers wishing to carry out GRP work themselves.

Below are the products that we can sell over the counter from our base in Somerset

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Unit 17, Clutton Hill Industrial Estate,



fibreglass products and supplies in Somerset

Price List

(January 1st 2017)

External/Internal Corners: 2500mm Length (Price Each)

100mm x 100mm                                                        £34.00

100mm x 150mm                                                        £36.00

150mm x 150mm                                                        £38.00

200mm x 200mm                                                        £41.00

250mm x 250mm                                                        £46.00

300mm x 300mm                                                        £48.00

450mm x 450mm                                                        £57.00

500mm x 500mm                                                        £66.00

Cranked Ridges

900mm Girth                                                               £67.00

1800mm Girth                                                             £87.00

Soaker Sheet

Standard (price on application for extended)             £193.00

Soaker Sheet with Cowl Vent & Bird Guard             £412.00

On Site Direct Laminated Soakers                             £75-85 per lap

Flat Sheet 1200mm x 1500mm

Flexi Panels                                                                 £58.75

900g Panels                                                                 £82.00

Flexi-Angles (single lay-up no Gel)                            £26.50

Edge Trims

Drips 2.5m                                                                  £26.50

Water Checks 2.5m                                                     £28.50

Mop-Stick Rolls 5m                                                    £49.00

Louvre Blades 180x2500mm                                    £31.00


Per drop                                                                      £110.00

Other GRP Moulded Products

Please ask for price and product information regarding all other GRP product requirements.

All prices subject to VAT

(as January 2018)


Polyplas Clear Resin kg £3.70

Gel Coat

18b25 Brush Top Coat kg  £4.60


450 Matt  kg   £4.00

600 Matt  kg   £4.60

Acetone   £3.70 litre

MEKP Catalyst  £8.20 litre

MEKP Catalyst Dispenser  £8.20 litre

18mm Lamninated OSB Board 3sqm £70.00 ea.


1″ Laminating Brush    £0.80

2″ Laminating Brush    £1.20

4″ Laminating Brush    £1.90


1 ltr Plastic Bucket (ea.) £1.10

2.5ltr Plastic Bucket (ea.) £1.35

5ltr Plastic Bucket (ea.) £2.10

10ltr Plastic Bucket (ea.) £3.85

Paddle Rollers

2″ Paddle Roller  £3.60

4″ Paddle Roller   £4.60

6″ Paddle Roller   £6.10

Lambs Wool Roller Heads  

6″ Roller Head           £2.60

6″ Paddle Handle       £3.60


Black jet heavy duty rubber gloves (pair)     £3.10

Overalls   £4.10

Apron      £4.10


Castle £13.00

Drip    £13.00


All prices subject to VAT

(at current rate)

Product Price List 2018